The Best Live Casino Games in Cambodia 2019

Nowadays, the use of smartphone is trendy, renowned and mobile phone is seen in every hand. People connect themselves to social media and online communication. Wi-Fi connection is present in most home and internet package is made fairly cheap in Cambodia. This phenomenon highly benefits online gambling industry, where everyone can connect to hundreds of online live casino games from any device anytime and anywhere. Playing online games is totally an incredible adventure when you bet with real money. You are guaranteed to earn extra cash via casino online once you study each game in detail just to learn some winning techniques.

Live casino games refer to table games which are operated by live dealers with real thrill of casino environment. You will see casino games with live camera equipped in each table in which it records every movement that the dealer makes; thus, doubts and fraud are unlikely to happen since you can see everything from your phone or computer screen. The famous table games are live Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Fantan, and Dragon Tiger.

Live Roulette is the best live game option to take delight in real time, fast-paced, and interactive live-wheel action games, normally come with best graphical interface, navigation and operability. Live roulettes hosts are real human dealers working to make sure the players enjoy their games to the maximum. Roulette game, one of the most entertaining games, is very plain but technical. Many players study the game systems and mathematical tricks and get their online money bag high. Players can enjoy Roulette in single, multi-table form or in private groups.

Besides, Baccarat is the most reputable card game in Cambodia, which players like to play in the land-based casinos and is now available in online and mobile casinos. Though this game comes with several betting options such banker pair, tie, player pair, etc. Mostly, popular betting side in online Baccarat is the “Player Pair” and “Banker Pair” options. This game seems quite straightforward and you can study it in detail within short time and get your account to play with real money.

Do you want to play live casino games in Cambodia with exclusive offer? MEKONG288 provides everything a single player needs. Register to get your account now and catch up your first member deposit as follows: Deposit 30$ get 30% bonus or deposit 300$ get 128$ for free. Want some big money? You will get 500$ free when you make a deposit of 1200$; thus, your betting account is 1700$ in total. MEKONG288 accommodates the best live casino games in Cambodia and you can choose one among these three reputable sites according to your gaming needs.

1. SA36 Casino Cambodia

sa36 casino

SA36 Casino is the most splendid online casino brand in Cambodia, providing extreme high-quality lives video casino games such as Online Baccarat, Online Roulette, Money Wheel, Online Fan Tan, Online Slot Game, and Online Fishing Game. The baccarat in SA36 Casino has more than 15 tables every day with more than 15 sexy dealers.

2. 855Casino Cambodia


855Casino is an online casino website, branched from one of the most reliable and well-known land base casinos and online gaming enterprise in Cambodia – 855 GROUP. 855Casino offers players the best online casino games, including Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Sic Bo, Live DragonTiger, Live FightBull, and Live Three Card.

3. Joker123 Cambodia

joker123 casino

Joker123 Cambodia has six types of popular live casino products that players love it, which are JokerLive, Asia Gaming, Ebet, Allbet, SA Gaming, and Evolution Gaming; therefore, you can choose from various options in the same site.

If you are new to online gambling, Mekong288 also provides Demo accounts for you to explore your favorite product so that you can take some time to learn from MEKONG288 website and its profession.

Get Started with Online Casino in Cambodia

Cambodia law only makes gambling services both offline and online legal to its tourists and perhaps, it is one of the main reasons why Cambodia builds its land-based casinos at border with its neighboring countries such Vietnam, Lao, and Thailand. Obviously, this strategy will attract more tourists to burn some cash in Cambodia. However, it does not mean that Cambodian doesn’t gamble.

Local passionate gamblers still find their ways out to gamble offline and online. This hint might be beneficial to those who run online gambling business. Why? Cambodian players are smart and flexible and in order to avoid the high risk of security at the land-based casino, they turn into online gambling. Imagine you can get access to over a thousand games from your device, whether it’s mobile Android or IOS or computer, by just staying at home or drinking coffee outside. How would it feel like? There is no need to worry about security come and check to need proof of your international identity.

To cater the needs of Cambodian gamblers, in the past few years, we can see more and more online game companies keep coming into presence claiming they are the best service providers with fun and exciting games. To draw your attention, beware of its history before making any registration. Not all companies offer professional online gambling and it is true it will take time to study more in detail prior to investing your big money on either soccer betting or live casino games.

To make you choose the most suitable online casino company, try these criteria. Firstly, you might consider license. Legal online casino will obtain its valid gambling license from the Ministry of Finance, so players will play with complete trust and exciting adventure. Secondly, website design display is also considerate.

Best website would be the one which is easily to be navigated, well-structured and contains simple operability. You can try accessing the website from both your computer and smartphone to make sure it runs smoothly and serves with perfect interface, top graphic design and great visual effect. Among of which, payment option is crucial when it comes to convenient deposit and withdraw. Most online game providers makes various banks available to its customers, includes Wing, ABA, Acleda and more. 

Well, you will be gratified to play your online betting with MEKONG288, which is the biggest online casino company in Cambodia. MEKONG288 had received its official license two years ago from the Cambodian government to operate its legal online gambling services to Cambodian players.

MEKONG288 operates 24 hours every day including public holidays. To serve the increasing needs of Cambodian gamblers, MEKONG288 extends its service to the next level with perfect customer services, marketing management and technical teamwork. Customer service staffs deal with each case professionally and are very helpful to satisfy the customers’ demands. Technical team will elucidate the process if customers encounter any maintenance problems or errors while playing games on their favorite website.

To be exclusively the best online game provider in Cambodia, MEKONG288 offers a huge bonus for customer’s first deposit. You deposit 300$ get 128$ for free or deposit 1200$ to get more 500$ automatically to your betting account.

The Best Online Slots Games in Cambodia 2019

Cambodia has allowed more and more gambling business into its country. It has reformed its law and regulations for the betterment from year to year which results in more foreign investments into land-based casinos and online gaming Cambodia.

If you have a hard time waiting in line to take a seat in the land-based casino or rarely have sufficient time to access gambling from your PC at home, whether you are casual players or regular ones, you can always find somewhere quiet and convenient to you and play casino slots from your smartphone at work or a coffee shop.

With mobile version of slot machine available, you now can have fun by accessing to hundreds of games from your device once connected to internet.

Online Slot games are available to any mobile device, including IOS Iphone, Android, Ipad or Tablets. You can choose to download the APP or HTM5 version, and it’s totally free to download, you’re only required to buy the game credit.

JOKER123 Cambodia is specialized in slot machine. It has the best graphical interface, easy for operation and play. JOKER123 Cambodia provides you with a wide range of exciting slot games available including video slots, bonus slots, progressive jackpot slots, 5-reel slots and 3-reel slots, just to name a few for players to enjoy and discover many fun and rewarding moments.

These online slot games offer splendid features such as sliding symbols, free spins, lucrative bonus rounds, and wild multipliers. JOKER123 Cambodia is well-known in Cambodia for its user-friendly interface and stylish games, as well as high winning payout which surely will satisfy the player’s needs.

Similar to JOKER123, Live22 Cambodia, also known as Jackpot22 Casino, is also a great online slot provider with all kinds of mobile slot players look for. Live22 Cambodia is a leading online slot game brand established in 2016, providing online slot, online fish betting games, and live casino games.

One of the top reasons why Cambodian players love Live22 is because Live22 Casino has maximized the unbelievable payout in a slot game which allows players to have the probability of winning more than 100 times from their bet amount. On the other side, the new casino game of Live22 is continuously being released to give players more choices and have a great experience in the game.

Welcome to mobile slot games world, we hope you found the right game that suite your needs.

4 Main Steps To Be A Successful Gambler

To make sure you experience incredible pleasant online casinos in Cambodia, perhaps winning is the best medicine to achieve the game pleasure. In order not to lose your money, it is not as complicated as you may think. Becoming a successful gambler in online casinos mainly depends on good strategies. In this section, we will guide you to the key points of good online casino strategies and how they are applied in each category.

First and foremost, the thing you need to do at the beginning of your online casino experience is to create a strategic plan with the following four steps:

1. Set Bankroll

Firstly, let’s think about which games you would like to play and how much money you are willing to spend! With MEKONG288 Cambodia, the company provides two main packages of first-deposit promotions in which you may choose to start with. To start small, you may deposit at least 30USD to get a 30% bonus with a low turnover requirement or on the other hand, you may start with the deposit of 300USD to get a 128USD package to experience the biggest bonus of all time. As a player, you always hope to be one among the winners, but in case you are having a losing streak, you would not want to lose all of your savings and you would try to minimize the losses as much as you can. So set a certain budget right from the start!

2. Selection of the Online Casino

A good online casino strategy also includes a well-considered selection of the casino. In some games, it takes more time to finish per hand while others take less. So you are probably a big fan of Baccarat, a less complicated and short-time kind of game or you may be a cockfight player waiting up to 10 minutes for each match to start betting. When choosing a casino on the Internet, you also should consider the following criteria:

  • Does the online casino meet your needs?
  • Is it serious and safe? If necessary, check the safety certificate!
  • What kind of software does it use?
  • Does it offer the casino games you are interested in?
  • Which bonus offers and promotions are provided? Always read the respective wagering requirements.
  • What are the preferred payment methods of the online casino?
  • Is the casino site user-friendly and is that easy to navigate? You should be able to easily find all the information you need on the website!

3. Games Selection

After you are familiar with the casino side, it goes to the next step: the game selection! Which casino game do you want to play? Blackjack, online poker, baccarat, roulette or rather slot machines? Well, the selection is huge. MEKONG288 provides a variety of games ranging from live casino, Sportsbook to a hundred of slot games you might want to choose from. However, if you are not quite sure yet or do not know how to play these games? No problem, just look in an online casino game section on MEKONG288, where you’ll find detailed information such as game descriptions, game strategies, valuable tips and more.

4. Bet Amount

The best strategy to play in online casinos is, on the one hand, to get acquainted with the rules of the game and, on the other, to slowly start playing online casino games. This section is very important as it massively affects your betting experience resulting in loss and win. Initially, you may start by placing small bets and then gradually increase your bets to earn a profitable reward when you get familiar with the game you are playing. With MEKONG288, your bet amount can range from 1USD to 9,999USD.