The Best 3 of Fish Games in Joker123 (UPDATED)

Fish game or Fish shooting game is a favored arcade fishing game that players can earn much money from more fishes they caught. Generally, players use real money or coin to receive shooting nets for the game, the more they shoot, the more they can earn.

Why is Fish Game Very Interesting?

Fish game or Fish shooting game is a favored arcade fishing game that players can earn much money from more fishes they caught. Generally, players use real money or coin to receive shooting nets for the game, the more they shoot, the more they can earn.

Fish game is very popular among other online games because it is absolutely easy to understand, easy to play, and easy to make more money. Anyone can shoot the fishes and win real money.

With smartphone and internet accessibility, nowadays people could find the best online fish game in their hand at home or anywhere.

Best Fish Games in Myanmar

The best online fish game you can find in Myanmar is on Joker123 Casino. Joker Casino provides a diverse range of gams including notably fish game and also Slot games.

For example, in fish game alone there are more than 10 separate games, in which players could choose to play based on their preferences.

Moreover, Joker Casino is known so far for its trustworthy and safest gaming environment that players could enjoy and earn from playing game comfortably. If you have no idea which game to start with, Joker123 will recommend you the best 3 of all games.

  • Fish Hunter 2 EX
  • Fish Hunting Da Sheng Nao Hai
  • Fisherman Wharf

1. Fish Hunter 2 EX (PC & Mobile)

joker 123 fish game screenshot 1

Fish Hunter 2 EX is a suitable choice for newbie gamer. In this game, players will experience an impressive underwater feature with thousand kinds of fishes which yield huge earning for your online betting account.

Moreover, Fish Hunter 2 Ex has 3 different levels that you could choose such as Newbie for starter, Novice, and professional for expert players. This is helpful because you can build up your skills step by step to be more professional.

2. Fish Hunting Da Sheng Nao Hai (PC & Mobile)

joker 123 fish game screenshot 2

Fish Hunting: Da Sheng Nao Hai is the other outstanding fish game featuring with amazing ancient Chinese themes. Many players love this kind of game because of its magical and unique creature such as Dragon, gold fish, and even mermaid.

Players will get bigger reward when they can shoot down special characters such as the sea king, the money king, or the wooden ship.

3. Fisherman Wharf (PC & Mobile)

joker 123 fish game screenshot 3

Another best game is called Fisherman Wharf. In this game, players will involve into a lovely feature with special effects and character such as SpongeBob, and little mermaid as well.

Furthermore, players will get bonus Food plates when they shoot the big fish. Food plate will give them bigger reward and winning prize. These are the best 3 of Joker123 Cambodia fish games you can play today.

The Main Reasons Cambodian Players Gamble Online

Online gambling is believed to be extremely convenient and unbelievably rewarding. For Cambodian players, they also have free rights to enjoy online gambling as other developed and rich countries such as the United State, Hong Kong, or Macau as well.

Online gambling is believed to be extremely convenient and unbelievably rewarding. For Cambodian players, they also have free rights to enjoy online gambling as other developed and rich countries such as the United State, Hong Kong, or Macau as well.

Indeed, Cambodian players (Khmer players) have different reasons on why they go gamble online rather than direct gamble in land-based casino.

Commonly, according to survey from professional gamblers nowadays, a list of identical motivations has been discovered and the reasons has been obviously revealed why Cambodian Players Gamble Online.

1. Variety of Online Casinos

Actually, popularity of online casino games is increasing because basically players have more than one choice on where to start. Simply, if you are to know more detail about a casino, you could just browse through the web and pick a reliable one.

mekong288 casino mobile

This will be much easier than travelling to a land-based casino to explore and find a seat, where you have to visit the real building and sometimes it’s far away from home as well, for example Bavet casino, or Poipet casino.

Hence, gambling online is much better for Cambodian players because they could find a number of casinos at once, and save a lot of time and money from going so far to the real casino. That includes the most vivid experience that players will encounter from all live streaming games with online casino.

2. Collection of Casino Games

Gambling online comes with a huge availability of games choice. So, it is easy for payers to consider and enjoy different kind of games, which make online gambling far more interesting not boring. More than this, more games also provide higher chance of winning because you don’t have to stick to just one, but you can diversify your wager to other games too.

mekong288 casino games

Most of online casinos offer no less than 100 types of a single game. For example, you will see a full list of just slot games developed on LIVE22 Khmer alone. Different themes of game can suit to players’ different modes, which make online gamble fun and exciting.

Not only casinos and games choice, but gambling online also allows you to wager in more options. Whereas a land-based casino mostly have a limit to the amount or types of gambling, most of famous and standard online casino offer a variety of wagering options. Directly, players could place bet up to 2 or 3 different games, for instance in Sport-betting at the same time.

3. Flexible Gaming Platforms

Undoubtedly, players in online gaming need a device to access to their games. For today, a laptop or a smartphone is no stranger to everyone. Most of Cambodian people possess a smart phone or a laptop, which they could connect to internet or free Wifi at coffee shops.

So, the old big game machines in land-based casino are no comparison with small high tech smart phone at all. Moreover, advanced technology made gaming way faster and more efficient, where players just gamble with a comfort of their own home or coffee shops.

At the moment, all Cambodian players are not just playing games, but also earning money from their enjoyment of gaming with friends while they grab a cup of coffee. That’s why online gambling become an alternative for middle income and millionaire, and they never want you to know. But now this secret is revealed.

4. Cost-effective and Beneficial

One among big advantages is Cambodian players have a greater deal in saving when gambling online. Many players admit that playing games online allows them to save a lot of money.

First and foremost, they don’t have to travel through traffic to the casino since most of well-known casinos in Cambodia located at the border area such as Preah SihanukVille, PoiPet and Bavet. Instead, they can download and install a free mobile version of online casino and enjoy the whole same things and even more fun.

Considerably more, online casino constantly extends more bonuses to all Cambodian players comparing to land-based casino. You will get a specific percentage or money package bonus when you deposit money.

5. Trustworthy

When it comes to gambling whether Online or land-based Cambodian players always question about its reliability and legality.

Honestly, there are a substantial amount of land-based casinos in the country, but only some of those are the most reliable, like: Mekong288 ( For Cambodian players, reliability is prioritized because they don’t want to be arrested or checked by the local police or face with any unexpected issues with other gamblers.

In this sense, online casino gives players choice in playing, in placing bets, and staying at their own home, so they will feel comfortable and safe.

Regarding Legality, land-based casino has been limited exclusively to only foreigners, and so does online casino games. However, in online basis Cambodian players have more opportunities to start earning money because there is no specific law to restrict on this unless the online casino is licensed by the government.

Top 10 Expensive Soccer Players in 2020

In the world of soccer, it is insane to find out how each best players cost in the transfer position value. Millions dollars has been invested in soccer game to get the best talented players in a team fighting for a champion in World Cup 2022, UEFA EURO 2020 and so on. The common highest paid players you have known so far are Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar. However, let’s find out more whether these above-mentioned soccer players are still in the list of most expensive players in 2020.

Identifying the most expensive players is also helpful for regular fans in the sense that the players contribute to the high winning chance to its football team. Therefore, it is essential to know which football team possesses the top expensive players and it will be even more useful for you if you are a skillful bettor. According to the Transfer-market and Forbes magazine, here are the top 10 expensive and highest paid soccer players in the world in 2020:

  1. Lionel Messi
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo
  3. Neymar
  4. Paul Pogba
  5. Andres Iniesta
  6. Alexis Sánchez
  7. Kylian Mbappe
  8. Mesut Ozil
  9. Oscar
  10. Antoine Griezmann

10. Antoine Griezmann

This player earns $27.7 million every year. Griezmann left Atletico Madrid after five years playing 260 matches and scored 133 goals. Now he joins Barcelona to continue his soccer journey.

Antoine Griezmann

9. Oscar

Oscar rose to fame during his contract years with Chelsea, but in 2017 he made a move to Shanghai SIPG of the Chinese Super League with his annual salary of $29 million.


8. Mesut Ozil

Ozil joined Arsenal F.C. in 2013 and in 2018 agreed another three-year extension that doubled his annual pay. Currently, Ozil is one of the highest paid players who earn $30.2 million annually.

Mesut Ozil

7. Kylian Mbappe

The youngest French player helps France to the final and wins 2018 World Cup. He signed a contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in 2018 with approximately $30.6 million annual earning.

Kylian Mbappe

6. Alexis Sánchez

He moves to Manchester United in 2018. In his 37 appearances with the team, he found six goals and had five assists as he struggled with injuries. No wonder at all that with his skills and talent, Sanchez earns $30.8 million in annual basis.

Alexis Sánchez

5. Andres Iniesta

He was very recognizable with Barcelona. He spent about 22 years with the team before he retires and plays for Japan’s Vissel Kobe in 2018. Nowadays, Iniesta still remain the most expensive players with his income of $32.5 million annually.

Andres Iniesta

4. Paul Pogba

Pogba came back to Manchester United FC in 2016 after four years playing with Juventus. Pogba is an idol to many Cambodian and the world’s fan for his football playing skills and help his team to win. Manchester United is no regret to pay him $33 million.

Paul Pogba

3. Neymar Jr

Neymar is a famous Brazilian player who had just moved to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in 2017 with $105 million annual salary. At that time, his transfer from Barcelona sparked the most expensive in the world at $263 million.

Neymar Jr

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

CR7 is the legendary among soccer lovers. Ronaldo was playing with Real Madrid for nine years before he signed a four-year contract with Juventus F.C. in 2018. Ronald earns $109 million from the team as he now become an icon for the new journey in soccer history.

Cristiano Ronaldo

1. Lionel Messi

Messi is Barcelona’s iconic player. Messi is also a hero among young players in the world who devotes to playing soccer. He is the most well-known and best player as well since his first match in 2004 with FC Barcelona. Recently, Leonel Messi is paid $127 million annually to keep soccer spirit moving.

Lionel Messi

The FOUR most important factors when choosing an online casino in Cambodia

An online casino is a gaming website where players have access to various casino games from their smart phones and PC through the connection of internet. Online casino helps players to have fun and win real money from games anywhere anytime, we can say that online casino has changed the gaming world. Besides, Casino online is also a top-rated and highly recommended activity because it is profitable, convenient, easy to play, and even more secured than land-based casino.

In Cambodia, land-based casino has made legally possible to only foreigners such as Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc.., but not Cambodian people. That’s why online casino is the remaining choice for Cambodian players to enjoy and earn more money from the games they love. Also, it’s important to know before you get started with online casino in Cambodia.

Traditionally, oldie like playing live cockfight while young adult would prefer betting on soccer matches. Basically, local gamers will come across many good online casino sites such as 855Casino Cambodia, SA36 Cambodia, Joker123 Cambodia, and others. Anyway, in choosing an online casino in Cambodia, players should consider 4 key factors.

1. Making Real Money in Shortest Time

US Dollar

Online casino is very helpful for you. First thing before you start doing anything is to make sure that online casino is useful for you. And for sure, online casino yields a huge benefit for you as long as you are familiar with the game and give it a chance. If you are looking for more entertainment and making more real money, Casino online is a highly recommended place to go.

2. Find the Trusted Online Gambling Company


After you are certain about casino online, you have to look for the best online casino that offers you more gaming choices. For example, 855Casino is well-known online casino provider in Cambodia. It is a branch to a reliable land-based casino, the 855GROUP. 855Casino comes up with a range of fun games including Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Sic Bo, Live Dragon Tiger, Live Fight Bull, and Live Three Card as well.

3. Understanding the Procedure

deposit withdrawal

In choosing online casino, you have to consider deposit, withdrawal, and promotion. For sure, you have to think about how much you want to spend for a specific gaming time period. For example, you may want to deposit 50$ a week or more to enjoy your games. Moreover, withdrawal means the amount of winning money that you would like to transfer into your bank account. Fast and speedy withdrawal is what all players want. Therefore, please learn more from online casino company before making your first deposit. If you want to win more money, you must survey the website that yield more profit to you. Plus, don’t forget to look for bonus. Some companies offer huge bonus to its member as a first deposit player; however, turnover/wagering requirement is a real mess since it could be a lot that players fail to go that far to make any withdrawal!

4. Ensure Your Account Security

sports betting username password

Many Cambodia players now are concerning about security of internet, especially online casino. Therefore, it is recommended that you must consult with costumer service for security and privacy policy before you start. For example, many website including 855casino are open for costumers to contact 24h/7 in case they have any concern or doubt about security or privacy issues. These are the easiest guides to online casino!

The Best Live Casino Games in Cambodia 2019

Nowadays, the use of smartphone is trendy, renowned and mobile phone is seen in every hand. People connect themselves to social media and online communication. Wi-Fi connection is present in most home and internet package is made fairly cheap in Cambodia. This phenomenon highly benefits online gambling industry, where everyone can connect to hundreds of online live casino games from any device anytime and anywhere. Playing online games is totally an incredible adventure when you bet with real money. You are guaranteed to earn extra cash via casino online once you study each game in detail just to learn some winning techniques.

Live casino games refer to table games which are operated by live dealers with real thrill of casino environment. You will see casino games with live camera equipped in each table in which it records every movement that the dealer makes; thus, doubts and fraud are unlikely to happen since you can see everything from your phone or computer screen. The famous table games are live Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Fantan, and Dragon Tiger.

Live Roulette is the best live game option to take delight in real time, fast-paced, and interactive live-wheel action games, normally come with best graphical interface, navigation and operability. Live roulettes hosts are real human dealers working to make sure the players enjoy their games to the maximum. Roulette game, one of the most entertaining games, is very plain but technical. Many players study the game systems and mathematical tricks and get their online money bag high. Players can enjoy Roulette in single, multi-table form or in private groups.

Besides, Baccarat is the most reputable card game in Cambodia, which players like to play in the land-based casinos and is now available in online and mobile casinos. Though this game comes with several betting options such banker pair, tie, player pair, etc. Mostly, popular betting side in online Baccarat is the “Player Pair” and “Banker Pair” options. This game seems quite straightforward and you can study it in detail within short time and get your account to play with real money.

Do you want to play live casino games in Cambodia with exclusive offer? MEKONG288 provides everything a single player needs. Register to get your account now and catch up your first member deposit as follows: Deposit 30$ get 30% bonus or deposit 300$ get 128$ for free. Want some big money? You will get 500$ free when you make a deposit of 1200$; thus, your betting account is 1700$ in total. MEKONG288 accommodates the best live casino games in Cambodia and you can choose one among these three reputable sites according to your gaming needs.

1. SA36 Casino Cambodia

sa36 casino

SA36 Casino is the most splendid online casino brand in Cambodia, providing extreme high-quality lives video casino games such as Online Baccarat, Online Roulette, Money Wheel, Online Fan Tan, Online Slot Game, and Online Fishing Game. The baccarat in SA36 Casino has more than 15 tables every day with more than 15 sexy dealers.

2. 855Casino Cambodia


855Casino is an online casino website, branched from one of the most reliable and well-known land base casinos and online gaming enterprise in Cambodia – 855 GROUP. 855Casino offers players the best online casino games, including Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Sic Bo, Live DragonTiger, Live FightBull, and Live Three Card.

3. Joker123 Cambodia

joker123 casino

Joker123 Cambodia has six types of popular live casino products that players love it, which are JokerLive, Asia Gaming, Ebet, Allbet, SA Gaming, and Evolution Gaming; therefore, you can choose from various options in the same site.

If you are new to online gambling, Mekong288 also provides Demo accounts for you to explore your favorite product so that you can take some time to learn from MEKONG288 website and its profession.

Bet Cockfighting Online With Your Smartphones at Anytime

Cockfighting is an ideal game with real life experiences of two cocks fighting in a cockpit. The history of this traditional fighting is very old way back to 6,000 years ago.  Basically, cockfighting is partially a historical and a competitive game that is very well-known among Asian players due to the fact that the game has a very simple rule, easy to win, fascinating, and profitable. In today world, with advanced technology, cockfight fans no longer need to travel for a long distance to catch their seat at cockpit area, in the 21st century, all you need is to get your phone connected to internet and bet on cockfight through your smart phone at anytime.

Cockfighting is also one of Cambodia traditional competitive game. Moreover, Cambodian people not only have cock fighting for fun but also for betting. Actually, many casinos have been providing cockfighting for years, where players amazingly win their money bag. Nowadays, you can also find live cockfighting straight from any devices including laptop and your smart phone.

When talking about cockfighting, many players are so familiar with SV388. SV388 is the biggest online website offering live cockfighting through all kind of platforms, especially with convenient mobile version. SV388’s mobile app provides all customers high resolution live cockfighting videos, which is capable with even low or medium speed internet, so players can easily enjoy the game no matter where they are. The app can be downloaded and installed within a few minutes and it is a stable and safe app too.

Another outstanding online cockfighting website and app is brought to you by WWBET. WWBET daily serves players with more than 100 of cockfighting videos everyday non-stop. It is the most interesting app because players will experience realistic videos, where you can see people standing around the fighting pitch, happily shouting and enjoying the fight. You can also download and install the app now by yourself easily. SA388 and WWBET are the ideal choice for cockfighting. Are you ready now?

If you are about to start your cockfighting today, SV388 and WWBET recommend you to start with the most reliable and well-known company, which is MEKONG288 Online Game. MEKONG288 is an international company accepted for its incredible delivery of all-type online games including not only cockfighting but also sport betting, live casino, fish games, slot games, Keno, Lottery and so on. Moreover, all MEKONG288 friendly customer service team will be available 24/7 by phone call or online Livechat to help all players dealing with any concern they have, or questions they want to ask. Get your account now, and start your first cockfighting bet. You will love it!

Get Started with Online Casino in Cambodia

Cambodia law only makes gambling services both offline and online legal to its tourists and perhaps, it is one of the main reasons why Cambodia builds its land-based casinos at border with its neighboring countries such Vietnam, Lao, and Thailand. Obviously, this strategy will attract more tourists to burn some cash in Cambodia. However, it does not mean that Cambodian doesn’t gamble.

Local passionate gamblers still find their ways out to gamble offline and online. This hint might be beneficial to those who run online gambling business. Why? Cambodian players are smart and flexible and in order to avoid the high risk of security at the land-based casino, they turn into online gambling. Imagine you can get access to over a thousand games from your device, whether it’s mobile Android or IOS or computer, by just staying at home or drinking coffee outside. How would it feel like? There is no need to worry about security come and check to need proof of your international identity.

To cater the needs of Cambodian gamblers, in the past few years, we can see more and more online game companies keep coming into presence claiming they are the best service providers with fun and exciting games. To draw your attention, beware of its history before making any registration. Not all companies offer professional online gambling and it is true it will take time to study more in detail prior to investing your big money on either soccer betting or live casino games.

To make you choose the most suitable online casino company, try these criteria. Firstly, you might consider license. Legal online casino will obtain its valid gambling license from the Ministry of Finance, so players will play with complete trust and exciting adventure. Secondly, website design display is also considerate.

Best website would be the one which is easily to be navigated, well-structured and contains simple operability. You can try accessing the website from both your computer and smartphone to make sure it runs smoothly and serves with perfect interface, top graphic design and great visual effect. Among of which, payment option is crucial when it comes to convenient deposit and withdraw. Most online game providers makes various banks available to its customers, includes Wing, ABA, Acleda and more. 

Well, you will be gratified to play your online betting with MEKONG288, which is the biggest online casino company in Cambodia. MEKONG288 had received its official license two years ago from the Cambodian government to operate its legal online gambling services to Cambodian players.

MEKONG288 operates 24 hours every day including public holidays. To serve the increasing needs of Cambodian gamblers, MEKONG288 extends its service to the next level with perfect customer services, marketing management and technical teamwork. Customer service staffs deal with each case professionally and are very helpful to satisfy the customers’ demands. Technical team will elucidate the process if customers encounter any maintenance problems or errors while playing games on their favorite website.

To be exclusively the best online game provider in Cambodia, MEKONG288 offers a huge bonus for customer’s first deposit. You deposit 300$ get 128$ for free or deposit 1200$ to get more 500$ automatically to your betting account.

The Best Fish Games in Cambodia 2019

What Is Fish Game? Why Is It So Popular?

Fish game is a table game of fish shooting to collect money. Each fish represents different winning amount, ranging from small fish x2 to gold fish x100 plus. Players start getting familiar with this game at Fun Park in malls or fish game apps widely provided for free. However, players tend to use real money now since they already learnt the techniques of shooting fish and how to win the game. The more fishes you shoot, the more money or point you earn. Fish game is very popular among adult players and teenagers in Cambodia and also around the globe. Some play the game just for fun while most of players are earning cash from this game. Furthermore, fish game is famous because it requires a few very simple rules, “just shoot it.”

The Best Fish games You Can Find In Cambodia

You can find the best and biggest fish games now in Cambodia. Two of the most outstanding and highly recommended are Live22 Cambodia and Joker123 Cambodia. Live22 Cambodia, also known as Jackpot22 Casino, is the top online casino offering online fish games in Cambodia since 2016. More easily, players will experience the most welcoming mobile version interface of fish game. Live22 Cambodia is popular because of its highly winning probability to all Cambodian players. Everyone gets a chance to win most of the time. Constantly, Live22 Cambodia will release new games and new level of difficulty that keep players entertaining and earning as much as they could.

Besides Live22 Cambodia, famous fish games can also be found in Joker123 Cambodia. Joker123 Cambodia presents a range of impressive fish games with very vivid and attractive underwater graphic. It is fun because players can also find different options to choose from such as fish haiba, fish hunting, fish hunter monster awaken, fisherman wharf, and many more with distinctive perfect themes. With both Live22 Cambodia and Joker123 Cambodia, security and privacy of information are held highly confidential. Players are encouraged to contact 24/7 customer service center if they have any question or concerns related to the gaming process. So, how could you start?

Get To Fish Games With MEKONG288

Many players suggest that you must consider a reliable company to place your wager with. To get you started now, MEKONG288 online game is the biggest local and international company that has been involving in online gambling industries for decades and has been an immediate recognized company both in Cambodia and Asian countries. With MEKONG288 online, players are able to choose their favorited games including Sport betting, Live Casino, Keno, Slot game, and especially fish games. You are very lucky now.